We believe that an elegant solution to a compelling clinical need is the foundation of a great business.

Where science, medicine and business meet, The Foundry provides companies with best-in-class capabilities and resources, a talented and highly-experienced leadership team and the necessary financial resources to bring life-changing innovations to market.

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About Us

Since our inception in 1998, The Foundry has applied our holistic process to identify big, unmet clinical needs and build companies around innovative technologies that address them.

We have been inspired by physician collaborators. Combining their clinical insights with our resources, experience, and talent, we work together to take novel technologies from bench to bedside, from concept to market.

Meet the Team
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The Foundry Facility

The Foundry creates an environment where provocative and innovative ideas can thrive. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our turnkey facility is optimally equipped for successful development – providing office space, R&D lab, wet lab, chemistry development facility, machine shop and clean room.