The Foundry is a team of entrepreneurs committed to inventing technologies and building companies that redefine the standard of care and transform patients’ lives.

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A Truly Meaningful ROI

We’ve chosen to address large clinical needs that have long been neglected. Our measure of success is the impact we’ve had on patients’ lives.

We invest in our companies.

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The Foundry’s 20+ companies have raised nearly $1 Billion from over 50 VCs and corporations, creating more than $3 Billion in shareholder value.

We invest in our people.

Companies and therapies developed at The Foundry employ thousands of people across the healthcare ecosystem.

We invest in the future.

The Foundry team has over 500 issued US patents that protect pioneering, category-defining treatments.

Featured Innovations

  • Symplicity® Catheter System by Ardian®

    Formed in 2004 to develop treatments for hypertension and heart failure, Ardian developed the Symplicity catheter renal denervation system. Ardian was acquired for $850 milllion by Medtronic in 2011. Renal denervation is now being commercialized by Medtronic and others.

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    Symplicity Medical Device
  • Zephyr Valve by Emphasys Medical®

    Emphasys Medical developed the Zephyr valve for endobronchial lung volume reduction to treat severe emphysema. Acquired by Pulmonx in 2009, the Zephyr valve is currently the leading device treatment for severe emphysema in the United States.

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    Zephyr Valve Medical Device
  • Merci Retriever® by Concentric Medical

    Formed in 1999 to address unmet needs in stroke and neurovascular therapy, Concentric developed the Merci thrombectomy catheter for ischemic stroke. Concentric was acquired by Stryker in 2011 for $135 million. Acute thrombectomy is now a standard-of-care for stroke, and has saved tens of thousands of lives.

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    Merci Medical Device
  • MitraClip® by Evalve, Inc.

    Formed in 1999 to address unmet needs in mitral valve disease, Evalve developed the MitraClip for transcather mitral valve repair. Acquired by Abbott Labs in 2009 for $410 million. See how MitraClip™ has treated over 100,000 patients.

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    Mitra Clip Medical Device