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The Foundry Team

The Foundry team is comprised of talented individuals with over 20 years together. The Foundry was formed by Allan R. Will and Hanson Gifford in 1998, joined immediately by Mark Deem and Kara Liebig. Over the years we have had several other partners, including Hank Plain, K. Angela Macfarlane, Jeff Grainger, Erik Engelson, Andrew Cleeland, and John Morriss. The core Foundry team leverages relationships with many consultants, clinician advisors, VCs, and strategic partners. In particular, The Foundry works closely with Lightstone Ventures. 

Entrepreneurs who have made major contributions to our success include Ferolyn Powell, Ben Brian, Matthew McLean, Vivek Shenoy, Bernie Andreas, and Denise Demarais. We have worked closely with many leading physicians, including Drs. James I. Fann, Eugene de Juan, Thomas J. Fogarty, and Frederick G. St. Goar.

  Internal Team

Hanson S. Gifford, III
Managing Partner, The Foundry

Kara Liebig
Managing Partner, The Foundry

Karun D. Naga
Partner, The Foundry

Steven Kim
Partner, The Foundry

Founder Emeritus

Mark E. Deem
Venture Partner, Lightstone Ventures

Chairman Emeritus

Allan R. Will
Executive Chairman, EBR Systems
Chairman, Setpoint Medical
Founder, The Foundry

Vice Chairman Emeritus

Henry A. Plain, Jr.
General Partner, Lightstone Ventures
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