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Partnership & Development

For the entrepreneur/inventor with a novel product concept, partnering with The Foundry is an excellent means of pursuing commercialization efforts with veteran medical device entrepreneurs and experienced investors. Our environment is a collaborative one where we work to bring products through concept, development, regulatory approval and successful commercial release. We bring together highly motivated, talented team members, clinicians and investors to deliver innovative solutions to the medical community and the patients it serves. We build and nurture companies from the ground up.

Once The Foundry and the inventor become partners, The Foundry contributes strong leadership, oversees the initial product prototyping and development to demonstrate proof of concept, assembles a core team, provides a state of the art the facility and infrastructure as well as our extensive funding network for the new company. The entrepreneur/inventor provides the initial idea, energy and on-going involvement.

Once The Foundry and the entrepreneur/inventor have executed a partnership agreement, the new company is a fully functional organization, ready to hit the ground running. The Foundry and the Partner Inventor immediately launch into the key tasks of product and clinical development. Some of these activities include:

  Business Development
– Incorporation of the new company
– Business systems setup including accounting, payroll and benefits
– Market analysis and development
– Recruitment of key engineering & executive staff

Product Development
– Intellectual Property filing, research, acquisition and licensing
– Device design, prototyping, bench top and in-vivo testing
– Regulatory groundwork including design history, regulatory strategy
– Initiation and development of key technical & clinical relationships
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